Why Philippines

US Accent

As a former US naval hub, the Philippine culture was exposed to extensive western influences over the past 50 years. This influence translates into American accents for most of its people and therefore a fantastic option for US outsourcers.

Blend of Benefits

With its English proficiency, highly developed telecommunications infrastructure, competitive cost of labour and 95% literacy rate, The Philippines is one the best up-and-coming outsourcing options.

Our partner sites in The Philippines are located in
» Manila
» Cebu City


DMM manages the complete process from conceptualisation to realisation and finally to delivery and completion, operating in both a Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) capacity.

Only close oversight can give a Client the peace of mind needed to truly focus on its core business, and only DMM remains on site to manage the process, alleviating the inherent risks of offshore distance management and ensuring success by Clients' standards.

DMM Offers

1. On-Site Management
2. Competitive Pricing
3. Comprehensive Services
4. Qualified Professionals
5. Optimal Infrastructure
6. Seamless Integration
7. Unlimited Capacity
8. Migrated Risk


Kaz Lalani (CEO)
Khayl Reis Lalani (COO)

Satellite Offices in:
London, Birmingham, Mumbai, Manila, Califonia

Phone: +44 121 288 1237 (UK)
Phone: +91 84509 18485 (INDIA)
Phone: +1310 982 6689 (USA)
E-mail: kaz@dm-marketing.com
E-mail: khaylreis@dm-marketing.com