Reasons for going offshore

What are the main reasons an organization would look Offshore for its business process needs?

Cost Effective Labour

A low cost of labour coupled with high level of education characterizes the most popular outsourcing destinations. Since labor comprises about 40 percent of total call center costs, reducing the amount spent in this area while maintaining quality standards can have a huge positive impact on the bottom line.

Experience and Resources

Readily available, mature technology and infrastructure, expertise in Customer Relationship Management, familiarity with applicable legal requirements, and a mature understanding of quality control and other process components in Offshore facilities make outsourcing a wise move.


Understanding the working culture and ethos of the country and industry is difficult- even more difficult is using that understanding to get results. DMM has spent years in the host countries getting a handle on how people think, and just as importantly, how to leverage that insight.

Risks involved in going it alone

Why have many steered clear of looking Offshore, and how have many met with disaster?

A number of factors have meant disaster to many attempting outsourcing Offshore without a competent intermediary- still more have steered clear of looking Offshore because of the following


Understanding the working culture and ethos of the country and industry is difficult- even more difficult is using that understanding to get results. DMM has spent years in the host countries getting a handle on how people think and leveraging that insight


Where can one operate, and with whom? What are the applicable taxes, and to what court can a company appeal if things go wrong? DMM's base in Birmingham in the United Kingdom means Clients make agreements and sign contracts under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom's legal system giving added peace of mind .


Familiarity with regards to the cultural practices and traditions of the host country means knowing what holidays are important enough to allow leaves, what actions particular religions find offensive, what gifts are acceptable, etc. One wrong move and one can alienate his work force and a bunch of right moves and your team is motivated and productive. DMM ensures cultural sensitivity for optimal results.


Locating the facilities and locations best suited to the product or service is something that can take years. The centre's experience, processes, and infrastructure and much more must be taken into account. DMM spends a great deal of time evaluating new centres with expertise in the domains specified by its Clients.


Knowledge of the language spoken in the host country is essential. DMM has native speakers on the ground wherever projects are undertaken to ensure communication is error free.


Training and sound recruitment to ensure a neutral and easily understandable accent is a requirement in all voice processes. To correct for difficult to understand regional accents, different centres undertake different measures - some are successful and some are not. DMM knows what to look for in agents and agent language training and regards the agents' ability to communicate with the target audience as a primary concern. DMM has also developed language programs to eliminate barriers caused by regional accents should the centres require.

Process Training

Satisfying the need for recurrent recruitment and training in an industry where attrition can be crippling often leads to investment that ends up outweighing cost savings. DMM's presence on site means that you don't have to be at the facility to ensure your interests are being protected and your process protocols followed.

DMM has made strategic partnerships worldwide to assist businesses by mitigating or eliminating the various risks involved in taking advantage of offshore solutions in
South Africa


DMM manages the complete process from conceptualisation to realisation and finally to delivery and completion, operating in both a Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) capacity.

Only close oversight can give a Client the peace of mind needed to truly focus on its core business, and only DMM remains on site to manage the process, alleviating the inherent risks of offshore distance management and ensuring success by Clients' standards.

DMM Offers

1. On-Site Management
2. Competitive Pricing
3. Comprehensive Services
4. Qualified Professionals
5. Optimal Infrastructure
6. Seamless Integration
7. Unlimited Capacity
8. Migrated Risk


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