DMM can take the guesswork out of determining wether a company's processes are best placed onshore, nearshore, or offshore.

Onshore & Nearshore Outsourcing as Opposed to Offshore

Various reasons lead companies to find greater comfort in working Onshore and Nearshore as opposed to Offshore. Some companies have attempted working Offshore in the past and failed, some simply desire a vendor close by where it's auditors can physically visit often, some fear that the company's customers may be alienated if they are forced to interact with people offshore. Outsourcing Onshore and nearshore as opposed to Offshore may give more perceived benefits than real ones, especially when working with an on-site intermediary like DMM, but companies can still see real advantages. Just as with Offshore solutions, company's resources can be freed to focus on the core business, and companies can also enjoy substantial savings, albeit not as substantial as Offshore.

While outsourcing Onshore and Nearshore provides some substantial benefits, going it alone is not without risk.

Lost Focus

Companies outsourcing independently may lose focus on the core business. DMM allows companies to do what they do best and it takes care of all the peripheral concerns that are not the company's strengths.

Standing Investment

Outsourcing independently involves standing investments of time and effort, which, without an intermediary, may mean hiring additional staff, or investing in additional infrastructure, these moves can partially or entirely remove the benefits of outsourcing. DMM has the expertise and resources its clinets can depend on instead of developing and acquiring them.

Location People and Price

Successful outsourcing depends on the selection of the optimal location and the recruitment of the right personnel. These are difficult achievements in an unknown field. DMM shops around and negotiates on your behalf, it knows what to look for and how much to pay for the best.

DMM has made strategic partnerships worldwide to assist businesses by mitigating or eliminating the various risks involved in taking advantage of Onshore and Nearshore solutions in


DMM manages the complete process from conceptualisation to realisation and finally to delivery and completion, operating in both a Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) capacity.

Only close oversight can give a Client the peace of mind needed to truly focus on its core business, and only DMM remains on site to manage the process, alleviating the inherent risks of offshore distance management and ensuring success by Clients' standards.

DMM Offers

1. On-Site Management
2. Competitive Pricing
3. Comprehensive Services
4. Qualified Professionals
5. Optimal Infrastructure
6. Seamless Integration
7. Unlimited Capacity
8. Migrated Risk


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