Why India


India as an offshore solutions is economically one of the best options with its massive pool of educated and diligent individuals who are relatively easy to train.

Linguistically Sound

A former British colony, the English spoken in India is similar to that spoken in the UK. An added advantage is the unique ability to speak multiple Indian languages, especially helpful in the US and UK residential markets, where the ability to speak Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati has become an asset with the substantial movement of Indians to Europe and North America.

Infrastructure, Experience and Expertise

India has a seasoned call centre industry, characterized by IPLC redundancy and reliable technology. Furthermore, because many Indian BPO organizations have achieved ISO 9000, Customer Output Performance Control (COPC) certification and International Standards of Operations (ISO) certifications, DMM has found quite a few highly qualified vendors with which to do business. Still regarded as the outsourcing capital of the call centre industry, India is in its prime.

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DMM manages the complete process from conceptualisation to realisation and finally to delivery and completion, operating in both a Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) capacity.

Only close oversight can give a Client the peace of mind needed to truly focus on its core business, and only DMM remains on site to manage the process, alleviating the inherent risks of offshore distance management and ensuring success by Clients' standards.

DMM Offers

1. On-Site Management
2. Competitive Pricing
3. Comprehensive Services
4. Qualified Professionals
5. Optimal Infrastructure
6. Seamless Integration
7. Unlimited Capacity
8. Migrated Risk


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